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Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder: Machine & Accessories or with Starter Kit

Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder: Machine & Accessories or with Starter Kit

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When you purchase any welder from Permanent Jewelry Center, we'll include our comprehensive 50+ step launch checklist valued at $199 - completely free of charge. This is our way of showing our appreciation and ensuring you have all the information you need to get started. (This checklist is not meant to substitute welding training and safety.)

The Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder is an essential tool for any permanent jewelry artist to securely attach your clients' gorgeous forever bracelets (necklaces, anklets, rings, etc.). With its innovative electric pulse-arc technology, this device creates a durable, invisible bond, ensuring those pieces stay in place, no matter what. This reliable and safe pulse-arc welder for permanent jewelry offers a remarkably straightforward process at an affordable price.

Purchase Options:

Helix Premium ($1,299):

  • Helix PJW - professional permanent jewelry welder
  • Stylus Stand - 12 gauge steel, powder coated
  • Red Scratch Brush
  • Power supply (dual voltage)
  • Protective shade 5 glasses
  • 1mm Electrodes (5 pack)
  • 7' Argon Tubing (1/4" Hose)
  • Alligator style grounding clip
  • Precision flat copper style grounding clip
  • All Natural foam jewelry cleaner
  • 2 Pack PureShine polishing pads
  • Quick Start Guide

Helix with Starter Kit ($1,619):

  • Everything included with the Helix PJW
  • Chain - 20 feet of assorted chain, 5' per style in both gold filled and sterling silver (over a $200 value).
  • 100 jump rings in Sterling Silver
  • 100 jump rings in Gold Filled
  • Grounding Pliers - 1 set of unique, innovative grounding pliers to easily hold the jump rings while welding.
  • Polishing Cloth - 2 pack PureShine polishing cloths by Bench Basics to ensure a perfect finish after every weld.
  • Argon Regulator - A high quality, Victor regulator to easily connect to your argon tank
  • Protective Glasses - an additional pair of protective glasses.
  • Flush Cutters - A pair of high end flush cutters to cut chain before placing on your customer.
  • Jewelry Cleaner - A non-toxic foam cleaner that helps remove grime and grit from your chain, jewelry, and more. A gentle foam wipes away any buildup and helps to remove tarnish.


    • Argon ready
    • Simple 3-button interface with digital display
    • Full power control from 1 to 30 joules
    • Works with various metals like gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, stainless steel, platinum, brass, copper, and more


    • Includes a free 1,000,000-weld or 3-year warranty (no warranty subscription or fee).
    • Made in the USA (yet remains extremely affordable).
    • Optional auto-darkening lens with LED lighting (folds for easy transport and storage).
    • Portable, compact, and lightweight design for easy use on the go (great for small workspaces at home parties and pop-up events).
    • Simple interface allows for quick and efficient operation (no need for extensive training or technical knowledge).

    System Specifications:

    • 30 power settings from 1 - 30 joules (or watt/seconds)
    • Length from machine body to stylus electrode tip is 45"
    • Super efficient 3300uF Capacitor (state-of-the-art)
    • 1 weld per second
    • 0.5mm - 1.5mm spot size (depending on power setting)
    • Weight - 2lb (0.6kg)
    • Power - 110/220V

      More About The Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder

      Imagine being able to weld stunning pieces of permanent jewelry with a tool that feels like an extension of your own hand. That's the experience the Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder brings to your workspace. This compact welder is not just another piece of equipment; it's a partner in your creative process.

      The Helix stands out with its power range, offering settings from 1 to 30 joules. It's like having a full spectrum of fine metal welding possibilities right at your fingertips. Whether you're working on delicate gold-filled pieces or robust stainless steel creations, the Helix provides the flexibility you need.

      One feature we love about the Helix is the 1mm tungsten electrode extending from its ergonomic stylus. This gives you unprecedented control and precision with each weld. It's as if a steady, experienced hand is guiding you through every step of the process.

      Now, we understand that using a new tool can sometimes be intimidating. But with the Helix, you'll find a user-friendly design that's straightforward and easy to use. Even if you're just starting out in permanent jewelry welding, you'll find the Helix simple and reliable.

      But the Helix isn't just about powerful features and user-friendly design. It's about a commitment to quality, performance, and simplicity. It's a tool that empowers you to create beautiful welds with confidence and ease.

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